Wellness Weekends

Is a Wellness Weekend at the Newfane Inn for you?

Could your health and wellness practices use a little boost?
Are you looking to get away from it all–to shed your worries and embrace serenity for a few days?
Would the unspoiled beauty of rural Vermont revive your soul?
Do practices such as yoga and meditation help you reconnect to your authentic self?
If yes, or even maybe, we invite you to join us for a wellness weekend! Now, more than ever, we need breaks from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Let’s put our problems on pause and nurture ourselves–body, mind and soul. Simply spending a weekend doing this can truly revitalize us and lead to more fulfillment in our lives.

Meet Your Host & Retreat Leader

In addition to being an innkeeper, Lori is a certified yoga instructor and wellness enthusiast. She takes a holistic approach to wellness–meaning she looks at the whole picture–incorporating healthy food, moving her body and using various modalities that improve her total being. Lori invites wellness weekend participants to show up with curious and open minds, to feel comfortable exploring the mind-body connection in this safe, peaceful environment. Most importantly, she hopes everyone leaves the inn feeling refreshed and empowered to bring better health and balance to their lives.

The Newfane Inn's next Wellness Weekend will be held in Spring.

More information and dates for our next Wellness Weekend coming soon

Sample Weekend Itinerary


  • Afternoon: Arrive, check-in, and get comfortable
  • Evening: Welcome reception with healthy eats and a guided meditation to set the tone of the retreat.


  • Morning: Let’s wake our bodies up with a gentle guided yoga flow practice for all levels.
  • Breakfast: We will serve a delectable assortment of natural, organic and locally-grown and raised foods. This will include fresh fruits and berries, pastries, dairy products, and animal proteins.
  • 11am: Join us for a “Wellness 360” discussion where we dive into a plethora of topics related to our health and well-being. Let’s ask questions, learn from one-another, and come away feeling empowered to make positive choices.
  • Afternoon: Get out and explore the local area! We’ll provide you with a healthy boxed lunch to take with you on your journey. Get some ideas for hiking, shopping and wandering on our Area Attractions page.
  • 3pm: If you’re back from your excursion and want to join us, we’ll come together to discuss another wellness topic. If a guest wellness practitioner is present, they will share their special knowledge with the group.
  • 4:30pm: Cook a delicious dinner with Lori and get some healthy recipe ideas. Or just relax in our comfortable great room and soak up the ambience.
  • 5:30/6pm: Time for dinner! Let’s revel in each other's company over a fabulous home-cooked dinner. The inn always tries to source its ingredients from local, sustainable, organic, and humane producers.
  • Evening: Relax before bed with a calmly guided yin yoga session. In yin we focus on slow, deep stretches that lengthen connective tissue–releasing emotions and preparing the body for sleep.


  • 8am: Start off your travel day with another reinvigorating round of yoga flow (for all levels).
  • Breakfast: Let’s enjoy one more healthy meal together before we go our separate ways!
  • 11am to 12pm: Check-out and farewell
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